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~ Nov 3 - 7 ~

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  • Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge!

  • Good-afternoon everyone... I cannot believe it's been nearly 4 years since the site has been updated. I do know so much has changed, but I for one am glad to be back. It's time for all to be inspired, and also bathe within a new generation of talented writers. I'm so delighted because this time around there are 17 new poets, and nearly 100 poems for all to intake.

    First up we have Taja Gordon, as like so many, poetry reflects her image; I AM, STOP BEING, WHY AM I SO BLUE, I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT, and THE LAND OF LONELINESS... Then there is brother L. Johnson, who has kindly sent a few poetic pieces our way; Completed, Getting Bold, Kind Of Love, Also Known As, I Strive To Shine, Emotional Drunk, Only In The Sack, My Kind Of Beautiful, Whatever Happened To Us?, and Chasing The American Nightmare... One of our fan favorites has returned also... Brother Orlando S. Boykin poetry speaks for itself; But, Chitlins, Average versus Excellence, I Dream Beyond the Dream, and Challenge / with regards to Langston Hughes' *Mother to Son...

    Now it's always nice to connect with my kinfolk from afar-My dear South African sister has stepped up, and allowed us to showcase her work. Do enjoy Lebogang Chauke poetry; ME, Untitled, Would You, Man, my father, and (Love beyond what I can say)... Next poet LaRon Coleman has joined the fun, as I often wonder why more of our youth don't take the time to enrich their lives with poetry; MAN, REFRAIN, VISIBLE HOPE, HORRIBLE DREAM, and NO REMORSE, NO TEARS... Can't forget sister Lillia Turner... She indeed has a bright future as I've witnessed so many writers growth over the years; She was I am, Women of GOD, SINGLE MOTHER, DIVINE ENCOUNTER, and IF YOU REALLY KNEW ME... Brother Twylight also has supplied us with a few pieces; Why couldn't, Why is you mad, If you only knew…, Please understand, and So you think you grown...

    On that note, many of you probably wondering what the man behind this site has been up to. I've mostly been blogging via ThyBlackMan.com and also recently launched a sister blog, ThySistas.com (------

    We shall now continue with the new update. Sister Shakela Storr has patiently waited for us to live her poetry... As you know it's been years but we're back in full force... SS pieces; PAIN, TORN, Who is she, I am so sick, and I Pledge my love to you... Another returning writer is Shirley Godbolt... Some of her pieces can be sung, literally; Happy The Day, Because we Dined, Suppose, Suppose, There's Beauty in Kindness, and My Old Friend The Wounded Child Within... Poetess Anesa Laneigh has also been with us for while... I see there are 25 poems listed and growing with each submission; Arisen, Reflections, A Renaissance, The Last Farewell....., and Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know......

    I'm delighted to introduce a new face, D. Michele whose poems are a little on the personal tip; Finally, Alive and Well, Accept Or Let Go, Are You The One?, and I Want A Man That Cries... With his own style of writing Curtis Wright has submitted some poetry; Mama, Seduction, Two - Five, A Virtuous Man, The music in me, Miss Understood, From Prince to King, Laughing…Thinking…, Let the Prophet Speak, and Inside the Heart of a Woman... There is also Gukaa Williet who currently resides in Cameroon; Deceit, Canker, The storm, CONFESSION, and My Degree; my problem... I would like to thank my fellow African sisters and brothers for sending poetry our way. Do continue to as even in the motherland, daily poets are giving birth to masterpieces.

    With the emergence of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr in the last few years, message boards, including ours have suffered... With me being back in action, it would be nice to see some new faces over at Mr. Africa Poetry Board (------ Join a vibrant, yes outgoing poetic family as I like to call it...

    Now on with the last part of the update... Robert Gillins like so many brothers have caught the poetry bug. I'm still amazed by how such words can seep into ones soul... Feel free to read over his work; AFRICA, VISIONS, SABLE QUEENS, BLUE NIGHT ILLUSIONS, and TONIGHT I DATE THE RAIN... Also T. Aramis Barron poems shall enlighten all... The Negro piece definitely shook me in a good way; "Starlight", "City Nights", "Quiet, Slender Keys", "Negro - the Dirty Color", and "In So Few Words: La Petite Fille"...

    Now back to the sisters, Blaque Byrd has a few poetic pieces; Teaser, Folklore, Time Travel, Perfectly Flawed, and Complexity ( New Rules to the Old Game)... And our last poet is no other then immeasurable... This poetess and I go back a few years... She can now be found spitting via the mic also... Yes like many today, spoken word shares a piece of her heart; 14 Months, You Anyway, Our Angel Rests, The Loss of A Loved One, and My Love Lights Up When You Come Around...

    In summary, I'm so glad to finally go live with all the new poetry, and poets... If you are one who would like to be featured on the site, do try to send us at least 5 poems per submission... Also, continue to visit us on a daily basis, as I will be getting back to updating at least once per month... Mr. Africa - November 3, 2014

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